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We are a team of online business specialist with over 10 years in combined experience. We understand the ecosystem of creating, building, managing and maintaining a successful online business.  We help to build, grow and market our client's business and share a passion for creating digital experiences that generate greater results.
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With over 10 years of combined experience, we strive to help you build and run successful online business. Here are success stories of some of our customers.


Start Date : January 2019

RM 27k per month running online apparel and accessories business thanks to dedicated dropshipping niche.

Earnings per mth:

RM 27k


Start Date : March 2018

RM 48k sales in the first 30 days. Using social media advertising channel to boost sales in the kitchenware products.

Earnings 1st mth:

RM 48k


Start Date : August 2018

Successful flipping story : Sold the online business for RM 420k after running it for 15 months.

Sold for:

RM 420k

Apparel & Accessories    Ref ID: 733
An eCommerce and dropshipping business created in January 2019 in apparel and accessories niche. Created with a goal for a strong branding strategy and social following (end result with 5k+ Facebook followers and 12k+ Instagram followers).
The online store is eloquently designed and features a variety of products that range from luxury timepieces to fashionable eyewear. Earnings on a steady growth trendline and well equipped for growth with new product lines and an increase in overall marketing.
E-commerce > Dropship > Fashion > Apparel & Accessories
E-commerce > Dropship > Household > Kitchenware Utensils & Appliances
Kitchenware Utensils & Appliances    Ref ID: 485
The business was designed to bring the best deals and innovative kitchenware products and appliances. With more than 100,000 ready products to sell through a collaboration with more than 20 suppliers, this business is making great sales with high margin products using dropship business model with more than RM 48k sales in the first month.
A large part of the successful marketing campaign is due to the intro products advertised in an instructional video for social media audience runs to more than 120,000 interested buyers.
E-commerce > Amazon FBA > Baby & Kids
Baby & Kids    Ref ID: 178
An Amazon FBA business in the baby and kids niche that was created in August 2018. The FBA business has products listed on Amazon’s US, UK and German marketplace. The business also has a corresponding website where customers can purchase a variety of sport equipment and outdoor products.
All of the items are private label from a verified and reliable manufacturer from China and have a strong history of revenue and earnings.
The owner successfully sold the business to a new buyer who owns a store chain of baby products.