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We are a team of online business specialist with over 10 years in combined experience. We understand the ecosystem of creating, building, managing and maintaining a successful online business.  We help to build, grow and market our client's business and share a passion for creating digital experiences that generate greater results.
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Simple, One Time Payment Pricing

We provide you with the total all-in-one solution for your online e-commerce business. From e-commerce platform, millions of ready wholesale products, verified suppliers, specific market research, advertising and promotional campaign, training and support, etc. Everything is done for you, so you don't have to worry about all the hassle of building your online business so that you can focus on the main thing - generating more sales and make more money.

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RM 4,999.00
*One time payment
RM 9,999.00
*One time payment
RM 14,999.00
RM 14,999.00
*One time payment
Market and Product Research
Premium Domain Name
Professional Custom Web Design
Responsive and Mobile Friendly 
Verified Supplier Establishment
No. of Pre-Loaded Products
Auto Inventory Update
Google Analytics Integration
Online Payment System
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Pages
Facebook, Instagram
Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, Google+, Pinterest
Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube
Social Media Advertising & Promotion
Duration: 1 month
(Value RM 4,000++)
Duration: 2 months
(Value RM 9,000++)
Professional Promotional Video
Training Module and Support
Sell Your Site Priority
Completion Time
15 - 20 Business Days
20 - 30 Business Days
30 - 40 Business Days
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